terms & conditions


Whilst every possible care is taken with clients’ original material FLASH regrets that it cannot accept liability for any loss or damage arising during the course of normal processing of work.
In the unlikely event of any processing failure or damage to a clients goods or materials, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, liability is limited to the cost of replacement of the materials and refund of any processing charges paid.
No responsibility will be accepted for indirect or consequential loss and it shall be the responsibility of the customer/client to arrange adequate and appropriate insurance against the risk of any loss or damage.
Any material given to FLASH remains the property of the Client. Ownership and copyright of the material are the responsibility of the Client. Materials given to Flash for copying are understood to have appropriate copyright clearance. Any litigation (including costs) brought about by a third party arising from the infringement of Ownership or Copyright will be the responsibility of the Client


We deliver to UK addresses and all countries within the EU. Flash Photodigital will not liable for import duties or taxes levied on overseas deliveries and any charges arising from the transit of goods will be the responsibility of the client.
Any claims of return or damage to an order, where not damaged in transit, will need to be reported within 12 hours of receiving the goods. Damaged goods need to be returned to Flash in their original state.
It is the responsibility of the customer to verify the product, and all accepted claims will be handled with the highest priority. Any loss or damaged claims due to transport and/or shipping shall be directed towards the delivering company and are not the responsibility of Flash  Photodigital.